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"This is the future of clean transportation in the city

Marco Knitel

Why Urbygo

Mobility is essential in our busy modern lives: For work and leisure. Humans are known for being innovative, but when it comes to transportation we still rely on ways that haven't changed for decades: The car.

Do we settle for pollution, traffic jams and parking struggles? We believe transportation can be more personal, clean, dynamic, green, environmental friendly, accessible and mobile. We can let the problem grow or change the future.

Mobile, modern, circular

Everyone has the right to clean air and mobility. 
But we have to claim this mobility: To do so we need smart, future-proof solutions that aim for a clean and mobile future.

Urbygo is a start-up that fits in a mobile, modern economy.
 Circular, sustainable and powered by smart ICT-solutions.

Environmental friendly

When you choose to drive an Urbygo, you choose for convenience and a clean future. Getting around in the city is a breeze. And best of all, you can park your Urby everywhere.

That's why


Future proof

Mobility for everyone

Invest in
the future!

Urbygo's ambition?
 To supply all big cities with a clean, sharable and mobile transport solution within 5 years.
 This can be done scalable, as a part of the sharing economy. Per district, electrical and circular.

Will you help Urbygo claim mobility?
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