The freedom to move

Mobility is freedom, in a crowded Guatamala city going from A to B doesn’t always go smooth.
Urbygo is your answer. With this electrical twoseater you can travel through town easy!

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Be one of the first behind the wheel!

Drive whenever you want,
without a car driver's licence

Yes, no car driver's licence

No need for a car driver's license.
 But please keep everyone and everything in one piece.

Always an Urbygo nearby

Just pick up the nearest Urbygo.
 There's enough space for two. Pay per minute. Fast, clean, simple.

No need for refueling

Urbygo is fully electric and charged by our staff!
 Relax, we’ll take care of it.
 No hassle with plugs and wires.

Open your app, select the nearest Urbygo, be on your way.

It's a piece of cake to get
behind the wheel of an Urbygo

Download the app

Grab your mobile phone and download the app, create an account and you're ready to go.

Find a nearby Urbygo

Use the app to locate Urbygo's nearby.
 Reserve one and hop in to your Urbygo.


Drive to your destination. Park it on the curb where it won’t bother anyone and your done, thats it!

Looks awesome,
what does it cost?

Having an Urbygo account is free. The app is also free. You only pay when you drive.
Choose to pay by minute or rent an Urbygo for the whole day, whatever suits your need.

Pay per minute

0.30 cent / minute

Whether you travel trough the crowded city occasionally or on a regular basis:
For 30 cents per minute you go smooth from A to B.

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Full day usage

60,- / day

Mobility means freedom, not having limitations.
 With the full day usage option you'll have that freedom!

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Business package

Custom pricing

Have a fleet of Urbygo’s at your disposal.
 Fully branded to your company and serviced to your needs.

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“During rainy days I swap my bike for an Urbygo.
 This is the perfect solution for that last kilometer.

Hannah Vreugdenhil

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